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Connect to a Facebook Page

It would be great to enable connections to specific Facebook pages.  I was trying to use Microsoft Flow to post any updates to our company page to our Yammer network but seems I can only connect to my personal Facebook profile.  When I have used similar services setting up a Facebook connection, the user is normally asked after logging in which profile/page would they like to make a connection to.

Status: Started

We are working on the ability to connect to Facebook pages right now.

Level: Powered On

Further it needs the ability to connect to more than 1 facebook page and facebook account at a time. Only being able to connect for a single page and/or account is a severe limitation of IFTTT, your competitor.

Level 8

Ideal for not only to automate post to Facebook own profiles, add fan pages!


thanks in advance


Level: Power Up

One of the reasons we are still spending money on Zapier is the ability to post from multiple facebook (fan)pages to the corresponding Slack channel in our company Slack account. For me, this is why we cannot use Flow as a replacement at the moment. 

Microsoft DEE

I'd like to pull into excel each new Facebook Fan that follows my Facebook Business page

Level: Power Up

I need the same functionality!  I can get away by using twitter notification, where our FB automatically posts to twitter as well, which is OK, but not as idea.