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Connect to a Facebook Page

It would be great to enable connections to specific Facebook pages.  I was trying to use Microsoft Flow to post any updates to our company page to our Yammer network but seems I can only connect to my personal Facebook profile.  When I have used similar services setting up a Facebook connection, the user is normally asked after logging in which profile/page would they like to make a connection to.

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We are working on the ability to connect to Facebook pages right now.

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Is there a way to use the like of my buisness page on facebook as the trigger and make it send a notifaction to the user that liked my page, like saying thank you for liking my page have you visited our website....... type of thing?



also is there away to use facebook ads as triggers when someone likes or shares the ad?

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Is there an ETA when this will be fully supported?

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There is no ETA and it is highly unlikely Microsoft will do ANYTHING to resolve this after it has been sitting in their queue for a year. This is yet another abandoned Microsoft tool.

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WTF? The ability to flow a post from COMPANY social media outlets to Yammer has yet to be accomplished?  Who other than businesses use an enterprize social media network like Yammer?  Without US--it's pointless...but could be a valuabe business culture tool if properly equiped.  GET ON IT.

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 I noticed that you mentioned you were working on this in April (04) and July (07).


I am currently using Flow, Zapier and IFTTT. All 3 have their own limitations and quirks. Zapier has been the best so far.

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And when is the other problem in this topic being adressed. His first entend was to use Yammer, but you can't upload images to yammer..

There is a vote for that. But that vote is no where to be found in the new/planned/started lists..


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"Post as page" is default behavior in Zapier. I was suprised to learn that it is completely impossible todo this with Flow/Logic Apps Facebook connector



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Any update on this? The requirement to post to a Facebook page (not profile) is a pretty big deal for our business. Is this still in development?

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So this was started. Was it ever finished? does it actually work? I see in connectors/action there is a facebook page option but I have not been able to get that working.

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+1 Status update, please!

So far this thread is serves as a great ad for competitors, as I'm honestly going to check out some of the products previously mentioned...