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Connect to a Facebook Page

It would be great to enable connections to specific Facebook pages.  I was trying to use Microsoft Flow to post any updates to our company page to our Yammer network but seems I can only connect to my personal Facebook profile.  When I have used similar services setting up a Facebook connection, the user is normally asked after logging in which profile/page would they like to make a connection to.

Status: Started

We are working on the ability to connect to Facebook pages right now.

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The facebook connector seems to support posting to a page, now.

I've not yet had time to test it.

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Still not working right. It lets me post to a page, but as the profile user. I need to post to the page as the page itself, not the owner of the page.


Two years down the line and this doesn't work; any further updates on this? 

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I did try pulling data from Facebook. There is no trigger to do it Smiley Sad

So doing it as a schedule did work but I have not figured out how to get pictures from the facebook post


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@Anonymous, did you have to adjust the permissions on your Facebok Page to allow this? I'm the owner of a page, but Flow errors out with "(#200) Insufficient permission to post to target on behalf of the viewer"

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@spdustin sorry for delay; it allowed me to post direct as the profile user without any intervention within facebook, although in my case this isn't right for us.

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What’s the update on the status of the development of this functionality? As a business, posting to personal Facebook profiles isn’t helpful, I’d like to be using flows with our company Facebook page.





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I would like to second Tara here and get a status update. As many users here have shared, access to my  personal page doesn't do me much good as a business. 🙂





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just started with flow to automate publishing to my facebook pages... yet it still just shares posts from my personal profile. this is not in any way what everybody needs, we need it to publish AS our pages not SHARE TO our pages, but looks like after 2 years it's still a work in (no) progress? 😞

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Come on. It started on April 2017.
Can you finish it, please ? 🙂

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+1 here. Would really like to see posting to a page (as the page itself) as an available Flow action.