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Connect with Sharefile by Citrix

Many contractor, Engineers and architects in the construction busisness use sharefile to create their ftp sites or even share files like dropbox or one drive. it would suck having to change to a diferent service provider because this connection is not possible.

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My company is looking at Citrix Sharefile as a solution for our clients to send files to us and vice-versa.  The issue we have is that we can send files from SharePoint, but there is not a Flow component to move a file back into SharePoint from the Sharefile filebox, once the file is returned back. 


We fully support this connector.

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Where is the update from Microsoft? 

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Nosotros también estamos requiriendo un conector de Citrix File (ShareFile) en donde podamos extraer los archivos cargados al Sharefile y cargarlos en nuestro repositorio de Sharepoint o en su defecto Onedrive Empresas