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ConnectWise Flow Integration

As a Managed Service Provider it would be great to see some integration of ability to pull certain parts from ConnectWise and convert to other parts that might be easier to manage or provide notifications.


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Top idea. I'd love to see that .

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This would be very nice. It should be doable for on-premise partners by tapping directly into the MSSQL database, but it would be nice if someone would do the hard work for us, and make it user friendly.

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+1 to this. Great idea!


ConnectWise Manage already has a pretty extensive API as well that can integrate with this easily and provide authentication. 


Advocate II

@JDCJesse , very true, but ask the average user what an API is and watch them describe an eye that looks like a monkey's one.

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This would be great!

I'm having trouble creating a custom connector for this since the OpenAPI JSON file is over the 1MB limit.

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This would be great to use Project Online and have it where engineers can put time in to one place or PMs can schedule from one place

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Im keen to automate some of the quoting process using PA and Sell, in particular filling in a Sell quote with products coming in via email where an Excel doc attached -> populating a quote would save a lot of time. 

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@NickBursey there is a quote paste feature is Sell that works pretty well for what you're describing...


@tspringer where did you find the OpenAPI doc, I couldn't find it


Anyone had any luck getting this going with a custom connector?