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Connector: Azure AD, Trigger, New

I would like the Azure AD Connector to have 10 triggers, 


1) when a compuer object is created

2) when a computer object is renamed

3) when a computer object is deleted

4) when a computer object is updated/modified

5) when a user object is created

6) when a user object is renamed

7) when a user object is deleted

😎 when a user object is updated/modified

9) when a group is created

10) when a group is renamed

11) when a group is deleted

12) when a group is updated/modified



Status: New
Level: Powered On

Here is another idea with votes already that you may also want to vote up:

Level: Powered On

This would be amazing! We want to be able to keep a SharePoint Employee Directory up to date when changes are made to users in our Azure AD instead of changing it in two places.

Level: Power Up

This would be great... Really need a way to start a flow from these triggers.

Level: Powered On

Microsoft software is the Berlin of the coding world. It's constantly on the verge of becoming.

Level: Power Up

It's August 2019. Any updates on this feature?

Level: Powered On

This would be extremely helpful. It would enable a lot HR and admin processes to be kicked off from a single event. 

Level: Power Up

We are waiting now for over a year for that feature... We need that kind of flow:
User created or modified -> Export User List to SharePoint with specified Data (Firstname, Lastname, EMail Addresses, Licenses, Type of account, Roles, Alias)