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Connector: Azure AD, Trigger, New

I would like the Azure AD Connector to have 10 triggers, 


1) when a compuer object is created

2) when a computer object is renamed

3) when a computer object is deleted

4) when a computer object is updated/modified

5) when a user object is created

6) when a user object is renamed

7) when a user object is deleted

😎 when a user object is updated/modified

9) when a group is created

10) when a group is renamed

11) when a group is deleted

12) when a group is updated/modified



Status: New

Here is another idea with votes already that you may also want to vote up:

Regular Visitor

This would be amazing! We want to be able to keep a SharePoint Employee Directory up to date when changes are made to users in our Azure AD instead of changing it in two places.

New Member

This would be great... Really need a way to start a flow from these triggers.

Regular Visitor

Microsoft software is the Berlin of the coding world. It's constantly on the verge of becoming.

New Member

It's August 2019. Any updates on this feature?

Regular Visitor

This would be extremely helpful. It would enable a lot HR and admin processes to be kicked off from a single event. 

New Member

We are waiting now for over a year for that feature... We need that kind of flow:
User created or modified -> Export User List to SharePoint with specified Data (Firstname, Lastname, EMail Addresses, Licenses, Type of account, Roles, Alias)

Frequent Visitor

Surprised this isn't a thing yet as it would be super useful! There are so many different internal workflows I can think of if we could use Azure AD triggers. 

Advocate III

Similar to the comments above we would like a trigger for a new user added to a specified group.  Idea would be to then provide that user (who may not have submitted the request) with information on what they can now access in the Power Platform in light of this addition. 😎