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Connector for SAP

I'm interested in a SAP connector. Probably structured along similar lines to CRM (since they both have customizable entities/items and relationships)

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Given that there is a high degree of penetration in enterprise business of SAP and given that Dynamics integration opportunities are high - this would be extremely valuable.

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Please some one add this to roadmap

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Is there any word from Microsoft about this? 

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This would be extremely useful to us as well.

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Agree with adding Connector SAP to Microsoft Flow!

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Is anyone aware of whether this is being considered or not?
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I was at the Microsoft convention in Seattle and this question came up to a flow dev, and I was told its on the road map. If you look at all of the other power apps, there seems to be strong partnership between SAP and Microsoft. We are getting ready to move to 4HANA and I cant wait to get the BI Gateway pulling automating reports out of SAP.

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Good information @Ryanzbarnes thanks!

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I think that a Flow connector for SAP would be highly regarded...

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Hello guys,


Any news regarding this? @Ryanzbarnes do you have an update?


Thank you.