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Connector for Stream in Flow

I would like to have a flow created to notify me when some user posts comment in my Video in MS Stream. No connector seems to be available now.

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Also trigger "when new video is uploaded to channel" would be nice, I could use Flow to send mobile notification for example, or having posibility to post message to Yammer automatically which will contain url to the video, etc...

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Posibility for uplaoding video to Microsoft Stream by Flow?


E.g. example of process:

Store Video in SharePoint Online Site / OneDrive => Flow Approval => when approved, publish from Sharepoint Online / OneDrive to Stream to the specified channel.

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Yep, need to have a Flow connector to Stream - want to see my Stream Flow Smiley Very Happy

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Alternatively, allow setting up notifications in Stream, as can be done in SharePoint, for uploads to channels, comments on videos etc. This would be easier for regular users to set up.

For powerusers adding a Flow connector for Stream would allow more functionality.

Thank you.

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Currently the Stream mobile App doesn't support uploading Videos to Stream from the mobile Device. If there was a Flow connector, then one could use Flow to upload the video file to stream.

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+  ability to get insight from the Videos | Nb Like / View counts / comments

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Any updates on 'MS Stream's Connector in MS Flow' or Is REST API available for MS Stream. I need to fetch the URL of latest video uploaded in a channel. Any suggestions?