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Connector for TimeCamp : Triggers and Actions

TimeCamp is a timetracker and it would be nice to have :

- Triggers like creating or assigning a new task

- Action like creating a new task or a new project; adding a new time entry.

I have no clue how to do it but the documentation is here :


Status: New
New Member

Found this old post are trying to get TimeCamp working myself via a Custom Connector as doesn't look like there's going to be an official one anytime soon. I did ask TimeCamp support, but they didn't really commit to anything.


Probably wrong place to try and get this working but the problem I have with a Custom Connector is the TimeCamp API seems to return hashmap/dictionary for lists (e.g. Get Tasks) which are far from compatible for what Power Automate wants. I started work on a Custom Connector here if by some amazing chance somebody who knows how to solve this should come across this post.


('firstAttempt' branch at time of writing)