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Connector for a shared OneDrive folder


Me and my friend share a document stored in my friend's oneDrive. I have read/write privileges on the document.

Currently I cannot be notified when this document is modified. It would be great if I can create a flow for that.


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This connector would really be useful. People in an organization constantly threshing information in a shared OneDrive folder would be able to track changes to a folder or receive updates for reports that arrive. the timeliness if paramount for reports that are due in the early parts of the month and this is going to be very useful. Thank you!
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This feature needs to be implemented, or someone needs to come up with an equivalent workaround.  When distributing information via shared folders it is extremely useful for the recipients to know when new info is added.


Does MS have any time frame on implementing this feature?

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To all the commentators:
Not just comment, but please vote.

This is a very useful feature.
It is total curious to me why shared folders are not yet supported.

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How do I vote?


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Please see at the beginning of the article.

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Really needs this feature to be implemented!


Otherwise monitoring file modification in shared folder is very annoying and inefficient!

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I thought it might be interesting to use Graph API eventually to leverage this. But I did not find a way to authenticate Graph API to just the flow user (not e.g. the entire organisation).

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The ability to access shared folders with then OneDrive connector would be very useful. I am surprised that you cannot do this already.