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Connector to Exchange

It would be great to have a connector to Exchange. So far I can only find connectors to O365 and . A freely configurable exchange connector would be great.

For example, I want to synchronize two calendars from two different exchange accounts (two different companys). One company has got O365,. but the other only has an on premise exchange server.


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Customer is on-prem and wants to use flow with On-Prem SharePoint and Exchange.  I see it is possible for on-prem SharePoint, how about on-prem Exchange?

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It would be great to have a connection to microsoft exchange.

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It would be helpful if the from address could be set.

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Make a connector for exchange on premise, so you can use local exchange mailboxes with Microsoft Flow


I think E-Mail/Calendar is still one of the most used services from Microsoft, and a lot of companies want to have this sensitive data locally so they use exchange on premise.


Because I think a lot of other users would be very happy if you could connect Microsoft flow with Exchange on premise. So you can use all the E-Mail and Calendar actions/triggers that are already available with the Office 365 Outlook Connector with your on premise mailbox.


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Hello great Idea, I upvoted your post and I think a connector to exchange on premise would be really important, can you pelase upvote this idea:

Connector to Microsoft Exchange on premise