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Connectors For To Do List App

you should have some kind of planner, calendar, and one-note app connected to this link

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Hi @Anonymous. To which To Do List App are you refering? Do you mean the Microsoft To-Do app?

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Yes to add a To-DO List item created in outlook in office365 from a form submission would be realy usefull especialy if you could then get a connector out when the item is marked as done!!!

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Hello Everyone!

Yes, I was referring to the Microsoft To-Do application (found in the trusted Microsoft Store). Although, I did have this specific idea a while back, I can still think of flows and connectors that could make it ultra- productive. For example:  A possible creation of a Flow that could connect your to-do list (from the Microsoft To-Do app) with an option (using a flow connector) to share completed or un-completed to-do lists to the Outlook e-mail app (found in Office 365). This way an individual could share tasks with others, or just  show that they have been working hard to get a job completed. Furthermore, I would like to create a flow, or see one created; that could connect one's un-completed daily to-do list(from the To-do app) to Calendar (also found in the trusted Microsoft store) or to a electronic planner and/or scheduler. Then, to even connect it one more step, I would then, connect an un-completed and/or a completed to-do list(from theTo-do app) into a Word 365 document.