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Convert HTML to Markdown

As Approval Emails and notifications only support Markdown syntax currently, it would be great to have an option to convert HTML into Markdown text. There are many tools available on the internet that do this, so it would be great if Microsoft could reapply by making this connector available in Flow.

Status: New
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This could be done with the HTML to Text action that is in preview, it could just have an extra option to enable markdown.


At the very least, HTML to Text should convert hyperlinks properly.  Currently hyperlinks are converted to the format:

Link text [Link URL]


In markdown this should be -

[Link Text](Link URL)


So if it just put the link text in the square brackets and the link URL in parentheses then these would work as markdown.

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If it was just a link that I'm worried about converting, that would be great! But I'm talking tables, text formatting, etc. Which you can find ways to do, but it's not always pretty or simple.

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Markdown seems to be pretty limited.  While I agree that a conversion routine would be useful, I suspect that due to it supporting so little HTML functionality, it won't be very easy / good to implement.


The better solution is for actions that require markdown (i.e. approval requests in my instance) to support HTML instead of requiring markdown.

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I disagree with that statement.  Markdown has a lot of counterparts to HTML, mostly because google has been pushing it forward to make use of it in their Docs platform, Calendars, and Tasks.

It would be great if Markdown Text were supported as a converted type.

"There are a lot of online tools..."?  Really?  This could be utilized by JSON to fill in the data and grab the return.  There are also a few github repositories of projects that do the same thing, but require you to build your own server for it.

I'd love to see this become a connector, as most lower function apps on mobile support some version of it.  It's a simpler set of formatting.  Some further integration with google and other services online would be possible, and would make me much more interested in a higher license to make use of connectors like this.