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Convert PDF action support Japanese.

I can make PDF from HTML by Flow. However if HTML contains Japanese Flow is failed with below message when convert files.

That will be occurred when we make the flow below steps.


I expect this issue is resolved


  "message""We don't support the language present in the file.\nInnerExceptionMessage: \nStackTrace:   

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Hello , 


i am also facing the same issue for Japanese language.


Is anyone even looking at this idea/issue to resolve?


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I think many people, including me, are suffering this double byte convertion problem in asian countries, where use chinese word, japanese word etc a lot in a file. It's common to have single byte and dobule byte characters in a file. So I do hope Microsoft could solve this problem ASAP to cater a huge group of users. Thanks

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Has this issue been resolved yet?

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I also faced the same matter of HTLM conversion to PDF with Japanese / Chinese language...

Hope it should be solved ASAP by Microsoft.

Otherwise the operation with PowerApps and PowerAutomate would not be effective.

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I'm facing same problems now. Can someone tell me has this issue been resolved yet?

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Still not resolved, but I went ahead and put a vote on it. Hopefully this will get picked up soon as it caused a flow to fail for me today.

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anyone found a solution for this problem! I have html containing Arabic characters and couldn't convert it to pdf by onedrive! is there any free workaroud!