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Convert XLS to XLSX

It would be helpful to automatically convert old Excel formats to new ones using MS Flow, when they arrive by mail.

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Nice idea - Conver from XLS file to XLSX file.

for migrate from XLS to XLSX.

for save file as XLSX from XLS


I hope to convert both way between XLS and XLSX



Yoshihiro Kawabata


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Yes a very good idea.

I use PowerBI and i have old tools that send data in XLS file. PowerBI for automatic refresh from onedrive, as i know, doesn't support XLS but just XLSX, so i have to convert it in Xlsx fomat manually.

It will be a very good idea to have convert faction in Flow for Excel format and for the others applications.


Thanks to think about us



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Yes please!


I have exactly the same issue, I have legacy systems outputting data in XLS format, am using MS Flow to save to OneDrive as source data for PowerBi dashboards. At present I'm also having to convert manually as PowerBI automatic refresh doesn't support XLS files only XLSX.





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I'm a PwrBI guy too and would *love* this functionality.

We use a REST API export from Jira that only outputs old xls and would like to consume this with PBI. Having to manually slog this daily. 

Please implement and be a hero(ine). 🙂


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This would be tremendously helpful. I'm running into a wall with PowerBI service refresh of SharePoint hosted XLS documents. I receive the following message. PowerBI Sharepoint Folder XLS Refresh Issue.png

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This is a great idea. We have legacy apps that output to XLS format and need help converting our files to XLSX in OneDrive and Office 365 Groups.
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This needs more votes!

Would definitely help a lot with migrating legacy reports working on XLS files to PowerBI that only accepts XLSX.


Please hear us Microsoft!

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I'd love to see this being built. The error messages in Power BI when it attempts to refresh an XLS are not helpful. Being able to fix the file using Flow would avoid a lot of Power BI pain.

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Definitely need it!

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any updates on this?