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Convert XLS to XLSX

It would be helpful to automatically convert old Excel formats to new ones using MS Flow, when they arrive by mail.

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Same here, this would be very helpful!

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Thanks, I also need this urgently. I had a lot of issue with the old XLS formats.

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I also need

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Definitely require for Power BI refresh. Absoletly need. I have an excel spreadsheet generated from SSRS and apparently cannot be in xlsx format, so refresh doesn't work...


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It would be very useful for migration of old schedulled reports into PowerBI

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Have the same issue myself. MS Flow removes the attachment from a daily email and places it in SharePoint. Urgently need to convert XLS to XLSX so that Power BI can perform it's scheduled refresh daily without any manual intervention.

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Yes! Interested in this as well

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Any chance this has been implemented?  I have the same issue.  Perhaps convert from XLS to CSV would even help.  I actually believe this is possible, but not sure how.

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Seems like this is a pretty common issue that I would hope is being looked at. Either Power Bi needs to allow xls files or Flow needs to have a recipe to convert xls files to xlsx files.  

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Agree! Would be great if we could open and save an excel file as an alternative format. In particular I'm after the ability to open an excel .xls and save as a newer .xlsx format using Microsoft Flow. Vote Vote Vote! 🙂