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Convert a CSV file to Excel format using Microsoft flow



It would have been very helpful. if there was a way to convert a CSV format file to Excel format. As, currently to manage or play with excel data in flow is very easy. So, if I could convert a CSV file to Excel then, the client's requirements could be easily achieved.


Looking forward for quick and positive response.


Thank you.


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Yes, it would be great to use CSV in flows.

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Would love to see this functionality. To covert a .csv file to an .xlsx file.

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Really appreciate if we can have this functionality.

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I could use XML to XLSX conversion. 

It would be nice if Power Automate could convert a broader range of file types used in Office applications.



Creating Excel workbook from Flow would help in addressing customer requirements. Hope to see this capability soon.

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Could you share how you convert XML to XLSX?

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you would think this should be fairly straight forward for MS to implement. It's a shame they have not done it since the request was 2018. 


Can only assume there is a financial reason behind it for them not to do so 😞 

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I would love to see this functionality implemented. I am currently able to achieve it by using a paid third-party connector, but it scrambles quite a bit of data and still leaves me having to manually manipulate the file that it creates. Native functionality within the app would be much more intuitive and probably produce a better end result than the square peg in a round hole I'm currently using.


For those curious, I am using Cloudmersive's connector. It can convert file content from csv to xlsx, but has quite a few limitations (such as file size) and often the file that it creates has numbers stored as text which requires us to manually fix it, so far from perfect. 

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Converting a XLS to a CSV would actually be more useful for me.   Especially since you can't export a CSV from the web version of Excel 

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Yes, that's a wonderful idea.