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Convert html to text while preserving line breaks

There's already an HTML to text conversion action in Flow. However, when using this feature, line breaks are not preserved and separate sections are merged into one long paragraph which is not ideal. Is there a way it can be updated to preserve line breaks? Or is there perhaps an existing workaround that I do not know about?

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If you are saving the output to text file, the line break is there but notepad only able to show line break in CRLF. can use below code to convert it to CRLF for all LF.


uriComponentToString(replace(uriComponent(body('Html_to_text')), '%0A', '%0D%0A'))

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Hi All!
For some reason that doesn't work for me, I use the expression as file content and the output text is still without line breaks. What might be the cause?


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Line breaks are not possible when updating an Excel file, so please allow line breaks.