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Copy SharePoint list attachments

Please allow a SharePoint List option to copy an attachment in a List to a document library, this would be very helpful for a candidate recruiting site we are creating on SharePoint. It would allow for attached resumes to be easily copied into a document folder that is seamlessly synced through OneDrive onto my Windows Laptop.

Status: Completed

This feature has been completed, you can read about it here:

Level: Powered On

Currently the attachments of SharePoint list items are not accessible via Flow. I would like to get the attachments, and create attachments. Typical scenario is synchronizing two lists. I can update every field, but not the attachments.

Microsoft Employee

I'd like to be able to have create/retrieve/delete access to sharepoint item attachments. Either as urls or as actual files


A few ways they could be accessed:

As output parameters from a Sharepoint item trigger (on create/update)

As input parameters to a sharepoint item action (create/update)

As a new action "Get Sharepoint Item Attachments" by specifying the List Item ID

As a new action "Add Attachment to Sharepoint Item" by specifying the List Item ID

Level: Power Up

It could be great if we could get the SharePoint item URL and the attachment also.



Level: Powered On

This is needed!

Level: Powered On

Not being able to get the url of an list attachment is getting painfull! Not only for Flow. I get stuck on this in PowerApps too.


Please make this possible soon!!!!