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Copy SharePoint list attachments

Please allow a SharePoint List option to copy an attachment in a List to a document library, this would be very helpful for a candidate recruiting site we are creating on SharePoint. It would allow for attached resumes to be easily copied into a document folder that is seamlessly synced through OneDrive onto my Windows Laptop.

Status: Completed

This feature has been completed, you can read about it here:

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Need capability of attaching list item attachments to emails.  This was something that was always a hassle in the old Workflow.

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I've been trying to copy attachments from a list item using microsoft flow. 


The situation is this:

After a list item is modified flow checks if a certain field has been set to true.

If so, it creates a new item in another list and transfers the attachments to one drive.


I played around with this for a long time and found difficulty in passing a dynamic value to the 'List Folder' identifier.


In the end I accessed one particular attachment folder on sharepoint, looked at the address in the browser and copied the ID for the folder.  I noticed that there is a constant part and the only variable was the unique 'ID' for the list item  I created two fields in my sharepoint list, one held held the constant part as a default value and the other created a new string using this constant plus the ID of the list item.


I passed this new variable to the 'list folder' action in sharepoint and it worked.  This was messy but now have access to the attachments and should therefore be able to move them from list to another.


this has not been tested rigorously but I thought I would share in case it pushes somebody in the right direction

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Would be REALLY nice to be able to do this natively in flow without the jigery pockery.


We use a SP list to submit print requests to our repro dept. and they have to download each file individually, which there can be several of per request.


Being able to copy the >ListName / Attachments / ID< folder to a Documents Library would be awesome.


Looks like you should be able to do it with the 'Copy File' action by using the 'ID' dynamic content object, but then it's obviously looking for a file not a folder so fails.


This does work if you then set it in the path to look for the file name after that but there's no dynamic for that so you'd have to set the item name to be the same as the file in ther ID folder and that's hardly desirable. Plus you can only copy one file that way not multiple attachements.


Fingers crossed that this gets implimented soon as it seems like there are alot of people this would help, me included!

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Status changed to: Started
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The SharePoint App is great to create a list item and attach a photo to it.

After we need a flow to pull to photo out of the list and put it in a Library

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I am Creating a Birthday Calendar Reminder in a SharePoint List and it should have a Validation to Trigger when its todays date and send an email to the user on that date. I have noticed that I am not able to attach a template or file to the email.


FlowName that I am using : Send a customized email when a new SharePoint list item is added.


Look forward to see some email attachments...

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Much needed!

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Extraction of attachment is a must have to be fair. Helps a lot in workflows where multiple people even outside the org can review an attachment.


Please do add some funitonality in there which can help

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Would love to see this happen as well.


My use case involves one list that feeds into a second list once the status of a list item is approved in the first list.  All the information from list 1 must be pushed into list 2, which then has additional fields.  Not being able to push the attachments is a gap for sure.


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My Flow application needs to


from a SharePoint List Item 

To     a Document Library 

within the same site.


I cannot make it work, i've tried using Get Attachment Content and Create File 


the link that i want to send to the users to access the file should be the 

one from the Create File.

It does not work 😞