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Copy Trello to Planner

Please add Flow option to Copy Trello Cards with all details into Planner. It will help us to migrate the data. Or integreate an option to import JSON data exports from Trello.


Thank you MH

Status: New
New Member

Even better, just increase the triggers and actions on the current Trello connector


I accept Planner is competing with Trello but in the spirit of openness Microsoft should extend their interface.  I can't see it being that tricky for someone who works with Flow.  There is an OpenAPI standard at which I managed to load into Flow quite quickly, I just realised I was heading down a rabbit hole and had other work to do or I would have tried doing the rest (excuse the pub) myself. 


We need triggers for

- New card

- Card content changed 

- Card moved to another list

- Card closed

Which would then allow you create actions in Flow to make the changes in Planner.  And vice versa. 


The other way to do this could be a batch script which pulled all cards from a Trello Board using the GET /board/../cards call and brute force pushed them to Planner's API on Graph I assume using POST /planner/task.  You should be able to map most fields somehow.  But this is painful and one-way, and it would be so nice if Flow did this.