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Copy a folder with a rename - SharePoint connector

I have configured a template folder in a SharePoint library that has multiple template files in it. I have a Power Automate flow that I am using to trigger the copying of this folder. I initially tried using the Copy action for SharePoint, but found that there is not a way to rename the folder when you use the copy action, and there is no action to rename a folder as a separate step. I have worked around this by creating three steps to first create a folder with the name I want, then I copy the files individually. However, this solution is not dynamic and I would need to modify the flow if I add another template or file that needs to be copied. I might be able to figure out how to make the flow dynamic, but it would likely take way to many steps and not be worth the effort. So, I suggest one of three things:

  1. Copy folder action is modified to allow an optional parameter for a new folder name
  2. New action for copy folder contents which will copy everything in the folder into a specified folder
  3. New action for rename folder which would allow you to select a folder and then rename the folder
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New Member

#1 would be great as we have a different folder name for our internal team *reminding* them that anything in the folder is copied to the Shared site.