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Copy action - time saver

It would be nice if I could copy an action into another. It'll make it easier and faster to complete the flow.


For example:

Depending on the day of the week, I need to update the [todayschedule] on SharePoint list.  Using the Switch/Case actions, on Monday case, add an [Update Item] action. Then copy this action for Tuesday - Friday cases and just change the [todayschedule] column without needing to select the list path, list name, ID, and other required contents each time.





Status: Completed

This day has finally arrived when Flow supports copy paste.

Although it seems like a simple feature to build, there is a lot of complexity involved in supporting this feature. Especially when you think about handling references and action names across flows.


I appreciate all the feedback on this post, and know that you've played a very important role in shaping the future of Microsoft Flow.


More details on Clipboard support here:


Highly recommend reading through, if you are a fan of easter eggs 🙂

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@ck25415 can confirm this! Im unable to copy any action into a switch case.

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@JoshMohr Here are my findings


1. I was able to copy actions which are grouped in scope from one switch case into a scope of another switch case but not outisde the scope of destination switch case.

2. If an action in a switch case is outside scope, I was able to copy it into a scope of a different switch case but not outside the scope of switch case.

3. I was able to copy a scope from one switch case into another scope of a different switch case(if there are too many actions under the scope your page may become unresponsive). I was not able to copy a scope directly into a different switch case.


Let me know if you have any questions.

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😀u rock!