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Copy folder with subfolders between onedrive for business account

Recently, I searched almost all the flows which may help us manage files between onedrive for business account, but unfortunately, none of them can copy folders with subfolders in it, they can just copy "new files" form the source directory to destination folder.


What all i need is to sync folder between onedrive accounts, and there are subfolders in the source directory. The most confused thing is that i can not sync folder with sub folders, is it impossible to copy a whole folder with subfolders? I really hope someone can give some suggestions, I would really appreciate it. ^_^

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New Member

We have exactly the same challenge and I'm finding the whole flow setup to be simple an nice feat instead of a truly useful tool until e.g. functionality for folders and subfolders is added. It would help us tremendously as we work across platforms and need to sync to Linux platforms where one drive nusiness is not available and hence we need to setup manual flows for this.