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Copy item with a file (appendix) out of source list to another targetlist

Is it already possible to copy an item out of a list, which item has also an appendix (file) , to another list whereby the appendix is also copied to the targetlist?

We need to have requests in another list then the receiving list. When the request has als an uploaded file in it, than we need to to copy this file also. I can't find this functionality, although  I did find the possibillity to copy the item to another list.

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Today I found out that there is a workaround for copying an item with an attachment out of a list and put the information in a targetlist.

The problem was that there is not such a short-cut to copy also the attachment when the item-fields of the source-list are copied to the target-list.

The first thing is to make a trigger for doing the next three steps. The trigger is that the field Hasattachments is not empty. 


After this step (= the trigger for the existance of the attachments) you need to make three steps to bring over the attachment(s) to this new item. 


First step (=action) is to find (get the)  attachments. 

The second step (=action) is to get the content of the attachments

The third step (=action) is to add the attachments to the item.