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Copying files from SharePoint Online to On-Premise and vice-versa

So as title states, I have the need to copy files from Online to On-Premise document libraries.


I know about the and have implemented the hybrid configuration and can search both but this isnt ideal in any situation where multiple users are accessing the documents. These users may not know the file eists or what its called, quote number or whatever then has to fumble around through filters and searching which isnt a great system.


The situation consists of a Sales site Online for the majority of the sales team while off site for ease of use without a VPN connection which is where SPO is so great. The issue comes when Sales needs to interact with other departments documents while they are on site and in the On-Premise environment. It is not great that they have to switch back and forth and remember "where" they are or need to be to find something as alot of people are still not computer literate enough to troubleshoot on their own with these "magic boxes" we call computers.


A simple copy document workflow would be ideal to handle this situation of "syncing" the document libraries and the documents metadata.

Status: New