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Count the number of emailsin the inbox (or specified folder)

Would be good if it was possible to count the number of emails in a specified folder and trigger an action if the quantity is greater than a specified number. This would be useful to verify that emails into a shared mailbox are being actioned quickly, to alert if an email ended up in a particular folder via a rule or some other method.

In our particular case we are monitoring are incoming helpdesk emails and need to ensure that the parsing process has not stuck and left the emails in the inbox.


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This is totally what I need in order to help with a couple scenarios. 


1. The "emails are getting backed up" scenario described above

2. Helping folks who are busy know when a huge number of emails are coming into their inbox (and thus, they need to look at it)

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This could help me when emails get stuck in the Outbox. Sometimes an email is stuck in the outbox for days, because I don't check that folder regularly.

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I would also like to create a flow that checks how long an e-mail is in the mail outbox.
After a few minutes, an e-mail should be sent indicating that an e-mail is holding on.



Ich würde auch gerne einen Flow anlegen der prüft wie lange eine Mail im Postausgang liegt.
Nach ein paar Minuten sollte dann eine Mail verschickt werden, die darauf hinweist das eine Mail festhängt.