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Create CSV File with encoding options



I would like to create a CSV file from MS Flow by using ANSI/ASCII encoding like we can do in PowerShell. Currently, the default output encoding is UTF-8.


In reallity, I create a flat text file for banking transactions. So, encoding is very important.



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Same here. I need to create a file with windows 1252 encoding but I don't see any option to do this. 😕

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We have the same issue were we want to handle some CSV files with latin ANSI encoding with special carachters and the fiel ingestion flow is messing it up.

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It appears there is no way to use Power Automate to write the contents of a SharePoint list to a CSV file as that content is entered in the list.  That seems incredible and I'm hoping I missed something here.  Common characters such as vowel inflections in names do not survive the flow.  For example, "é" is write as "é" despite showing correctly in the output of "Create CSV Table" as well as the input of both "Create File" and "Update File".  


The only way to work with these common characters is to use voluminous string replace routines on the assumption that ending up with the incorrect word in the output is acceptable.  


This is intolerable and must be corrected.  If there is a way around this please let me know, otherwise please someone, prioritize fixing this error.

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Agreed. I'm also flabbergasted as to why this idea is still classified as 'NEW' when it's some 2 years old. 

I should be able to specify the encoding of a written file in the advanced options of the flow action.

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I also have same issue. Lacking this option to choose encoding format for CSV. 

We can easily export out CSV format and then just can open in excel. I cannot use CSV due to incorrect character showing in excel. 

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This is a bug. Why Microsoft are not handling. We are in technology era and encoding issues gone long time ago and this is very bad really

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So currently (this thread is from 2018!) there is no option to copy a 1252 file from e.g. SharePoint to OneDrive?

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Ideas 💡 to handle this?

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@groyet You are out of luck currently.  You'll have to find some alternate method to get your data in or out of PowerAutomate.  Or some sort of post-processing where you have an on-prem server do something... although certainly using on-prem is antithetical to using PowerAutomate in the first place.

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No 💡 on that issue?