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Create Flow connector , be able to update "Flow Definition" dynamic content

When using the Get Flow and Create Flow connectors, you cannot modify the JSON contained  in "Flow Definition" dynamic content that you use with the Create Flow connector. Please allow the "Flow Definition" to be updated.


For example I have a flow that gets triggered when a document library gets updated. I want to copy that flow and apply it do a different document library, so I would like to do this.


1) Use "Get Flow" to get the flow I want to copy

2) Update the JSON metadata from the "Flow Definition" dynamic content returned from "Get Flow", so that it points to a different document library

3) Use "Create Flow" to create a new flow based on the updated JSON metadata in step 2)


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In Approval Flow , We should have feature in which approver can approves using Specific Keybaords.

Lets say if Approver get mail of requestor to approve his Request. Then Approver needs only Reply "Ok" that leads Request Approved.

This feature lacks in MS Flow.And highly Required.

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I like this Idea. I'm not sure I'd ever use Flow to modify a Flow to use in another place, but I have recently been thinking about how I could port Flows I've created so they could be used to do the same thing at other branches of our company. As a more general concept, there should be some way to preserve all of your structure, but change the input sources. I've thought of (manually) exporting the Flow definition, opening it and doing a "Find and replace" to change every single reference to a Sharepoint list to point to another Sharepoint list, and change a certain e-mail address to a different e-mail address, etc. then I thought I might save it and re-import it. It sounds like you had the same idea, but you want to do it automatically in the cloud. Either way, we need it.