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Create Groups or Team & Channels to group flows together

the Team Flows tab just shows dozens of flows by several teams, severl projects, both in Development, in Test, and in Production


It would be really helpful if we could segregate our Team flows by project, by phase or by teams...


Our Team flows list currently has 44 flows, including ones in Development, in live/production, and under test, plus samples...


This situation will only get worse as time goes on.


So please enhance the Team Flows area to allow flows to be filtered, separated, by Team, by project, and by Stage such as:

* In Dev

* In Test

* In Live - these ones would be able to be locked as read-only by the Adminsitrator/SharePoint Admins

Status: New
Advocate IV

Having categories adjustable by the Flow Administrators would be a useful way to do some elementary staging. (Other than spending loads of the firm's hard-earned cash)