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Create JSON Web Tokens -OR- encode strings

Please add the ability to create a JWT.


This could be in the form of:

an action which takes the claims, application ID, and application secret, and encodes it into a JWT



A function which encrypts a given string/variable using  a given algorithm and nonce.


This would help in allowing flow to retrieve data from certain web apis


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I have been working within Microsoft Flow trying to update files in Sharepoint libraries and need to use the 'Send using HTTP request' action. However, I run into the JSON Web Token error when trying to Patch or Post to the Document Library. Is there any update on the JSON Web Token feature request that we can use within our flows?


I am trying to update an image field and/or Filename field in a Sharepoint Library but run into the JSON token error. Confirmed that the Item ID is correct and that the ETAG value is correct. I am using syntax that is shown in other forums regarding the 'Send an HTTP Request' to Sharepoint and the screenshots below show how I set up the action along with the specific error message.