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Create New Document Set

We would like Flow to be able to create a new Document Set in a library using an existing document set content type. For certain client projects, we create a new Document Set to contain the files related to that specific project.  We're trying to utilize Flow to generate some of the required content infrastructures for these new projects.

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I do have same requirement , is there any solution for it?




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I have same requirement too, any suggestions techies.

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I have heard that MS are releasing document set create in flow as a new action, in first quarter 2019.

Hopefully this happens as I need this feature for several projects

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I agreee this is very common requirment and we need it asap. It would be realy great if we get this feature by Q1 2019. 


Thanks for the information. 




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Yes. This. Please.


Like, if a new SharePoint list item is input. Then create new document set automagically.

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Any update about this functionality?

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This is long overdue.  Please consider this