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Create Office 365 Groups

It would be nice to be able to create an Office 365 Group via a Flow that allows you to set parameters that pertain to group such as, 

Primary Owner

Secondary Owner





THank you.


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New Member

I second this request.  We create a new Office 365 Group for each new project and have a List in Sharepoint of all the project numbers.  It would be nice to just add an item to this list and it auto-generates the Office 365 Group.  (Which in turn auto generates the creation of the Office 365 Groups' OneNote, Planner and Calendar)

Advocate III

We would love to do the same thing (automatically create an office group) when a new Dynamics account is created, then link those accounts directly to the Office Group.  The Dynamics trigger is great to select which type of new accounts would trigger the action, but right now we have to manually create the Office Group, then link it to the Dynamics Account, then wait before we can forward emails and files into that Office Group. Really inefficient.