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Create OneDrive file request

We need to be able to create a onedrive file request from PowerAutomate - please add this function!

Status: New
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We also need this functionality. I need to be able to generate a file request as part of a power automate flow.


Function Spec:

1. The widget should ask for the storage folder (it's be great to be able to specify a Sharepoint folder as well).

2. The widget should allow for specification of the "file request name".

3. The widget should allow for the specification of an expiration date for the request link in DATE format and duration format (ie keep open for creation + 3 days).

3. The widget should have a checkbox for "generate link email request", and if checked a field to enter email address for distribution similar to the OneDrive modal for the "request files" feature.

4. On execution it should then create the upload only link permission on the folder, and if selected email the request recipients. The widget should return a dynamic content item of the "Upload Request Link" so that it can be included in a custom email step or any other output of the flow.


Use Case

One use case would be to create a folder in onedrive / sharepoint as part of a PowerAutomate flow, then attach a file request link to that folder, then format a custom email and send it to a user or email address including the upload request link.


A OneDrive version and a Sharepoint version would be ideal to cover all our use cases.


We also might be able to do this with a more comprehensive "Create Sharing Link" widget, but I don't see over complicating that widget as a benefit.


@Chakkaradeep please take a look, thanks,