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Create Sharepoint Item - Multi-valued Fields

When using Flow to archive Sharepoint Items from one list to another SHarepoint list, the support for all SHarepoint Fields is missing and make Flow almost unusable for archiving.


Here are the issues, the Create Item lacks support for

  •  Multi-valued Person Fields
  • Multi-Valued Lookup Fields
  • Multi-valued Choice Fields

When the source item (in a copy kind of action) for a Lookup field is null (no value was selected),  the Create Item throws an error because it can not handle setting the lookup field to Null.   This issue is similar to SHarepont Designer issues dealling with null lookup fields.

Status: New
Advocate II

The only way I have been able to do this is by using a third party software tool ( that allows uploading directly from EXCEL into Sharepoint lists, multivalue etc.


I don't work for this company, but I have used this tool in desperation. 


Hopefully, Flow supports this soon.




Regular Visitor

Desperation is usually the result of any attempt to use Flow for something beyond a basic demo...