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Create Team Connections

I have several Team Flows which then have several owners and these work very well with one exception - due to MFA, the connections consistently break and need to be re-authorised. It would be great to be able to have a shared connection that any one of the team can fix rather than having to swap all the different connections before running.

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I also have this same issue. I raised a feedback request to the documentation team under the Flows > Connectors documentation section, because it's not really covered how to handle a scenarion when you have MFA enabled in your organisation and tryin to use Flow Connectors - further in FAQ for connectors it specifically mentions not to use "Service Accounts".

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I'd personally prefer that there is a concept of shared connections so an admin type user can connnect to a service (like CDS) and then share this connection with other Flow users. The issue with not doing it this way is that if a user who created the connection leaves the organisation (or changes role and no longer has or needs permission to the data source) the flow will fail.

@rcheetha Which FAQ has the mention of not using Service Accounts?

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@Kevin23If you head over to, there is a question that has been added "Does Microsoft Flow support service accounts?" which has an answer stating that it's not advisable.


Agreed, that there needs to be a solution here. Ideally being able to create some sort of "shared connection" that is seperate from the user creating the connection and is somehow secure but not affected by things like MFA/2FA etc would be helpful.



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I too would like a "shared connection" functionality. I develop SharePoint based tools within a team so we're all owners of all the flows we create. The "person leaving company and having all his flows fail" issue is the main one for me.

Hhowever another way it would be useful for me is that any action a flow takes on an item in a SharePoint list marks the "created/modified by" columns with the name of the connection from that step. I don't want team member's names to appear on items that the flow handles, but rather a generic "service name" or the team's name as would be correct on principle.

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Nintex has workflow constants to cover this. Essentially you have a workflow constant for the account name and password. This constant can be defined at the site collection level or globally. If using features like PnP to automatically provision sites, I currently do not see how it is possible to publish a Flow against a provisioned list. Essentially that Flow will not work until you manually go in and re-enter/validate the connection credentials within it. If anyone knows of a work-around, let me know.