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Create Wiki and Doc library in SP

I'm a complete noob at this and before I venture in learning Flow; would this workflow be possible?


When creating a wiki also create:

User groups without rights to the site:

- wikiname_read

- wikiname_contribute

- wikiname_usermanager

Document library (wikiname_docs)

Then stop inheretance of permissions for both Doc library and wiki page

- remove all permissions except wikiname_* and site owners for wiki page and library

- Give wikiname_* groups the corresponding rightds to the wiki page and library

Add library to end of wiki page

Open wiki page for edditing for the user

Status: New
Helper V

You can use Create List or Library action from Plumsail SharePoint connector, which is a part of Plumsail Actions (third party set of connectors for Microsoft Flow with a fair price).


There is also Change Permissions action that allows you to manage permissions on SharePoint lists and libraries as well as on sites and list items/documents.


There is no action for the creation of SharePoint group. So, you have to create it upfront.


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