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Create a Flow owned by an Office365 Group

In Microsoft Forms, Planner and Power BI I can create things associated with an Office 365 group rather than an individual.


I do not believe this is currently possible in Flow, I know owners can be set, but the flow still sits under an individual rather than a whole Group.

Status: New
Advocate I

Yes, please this would be a great feature to be able to attach it to a O365 group. 

New Member

This should also work for the the ones shared. In a collaborative space it is more productive to be able to use the shared data

New Member

I have a few flows that are used via the Team Flows by setting a co-owner on the flow to the group.  This will make it visible to the whole group.

Advocate I

One thing that would need to be made clear is the licensing.  Would a group count as a user on a 'per user' power automate plan when using premium connectors?

As long as the licensing documentation could be updated at the same time as releasing this feature, that would be appreciated