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Create a Microsoft Graph Connector

With recent licence changes it would be good if there was a (non premium/standard ) MS Graph specific connector supporting the MS Graph call that are currently called using the HTTP Request action.

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Specifically, I'd love to see Microsoft Graph triggers which link into the "subscription" options of Microsoft Graph.

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sorry for the posting error.

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I would love to have this. This way it's way easier for us to create actions that call the graph api endpoints. Great idea @Pieter_Veenstra

At some of the v2.0 Graph APIs (mostly in beta) can now be directly called from Flow without having to register an App in Azure first.


I demostrate this in a recent blog I posted to obtain thumbnail URLs for documents stored in SharePoint, information that currently at least is available in any of the SharePoint Flow actions:

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Can't agree more.

An HTTP Rest Graph action like the SharePoint Rest action would be great.

Being unable to use graph due to the new licencing model is a real problem

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To make some progress on this I created a base custom connector for this. Currently there is only one action: Get My Profile and Read Excel file



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MUCH needed!