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Create a Office365 Tennant based flow directory or allow users to send copies of flows to each other

One issue that I have had to contend with while pushing to adopt flow is when a user creates a user specfic flow that would be great for a whole department of users we have to send instructions to everyone in the department on how to create the flow and hope they will take the time to do so and do it correctly.


I see that team flows have been implimented which is great, but if I have a flow I want another team member to use that is user specifc, like performing an action whenever a meeting with a certain subject is created in their personal calendar, we can't use the team fuctionality because after the flow is shared it is still using the connector of the individual that created it instead of the connector that is specific to their mailbox.


If there was a private directory where we could direct users to go to subscribe to business specific flows that would be great, or even if we could send a copy of a flow to different users and have the flow connectors be able to be configured seperately for that indvidiual. I realize we can suggest some flows to be published by microsoft, but not all of our flows would make sense for a wider audience which would cause them to be rejected by microsoft and this is confusing for our user population.



Status: New