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Create a Project with specific EPT from SharePoint List

Hello Everyone.

I would like to existed the functionllity to create a Project from a custom SharePoint list with specific Enterprise Project Type, selectedby the Dropdown list column in that custom SharePoint List.


For example the workflow would be:


  • A Key User Create an element in a custom list called "Create Proposal" in the root site of PWA where they select which will be the Enterprise Project Type.
  • Then, this element is copied automatically to another custom list called "Proposal Approval " where the boss of this person must approve this proposal
  • When the proposal is approved, then the Flow create a specific Enterprise Project Type, by the previous selection of the Enterprise Project Type.

This connection to that functionllity would be very useful to create a big workflow for the customer that needs a complete process in the lifecycle of the Project.


Project Flow.png


Status: New
New Member

I agree. EPT parameter is really missing there.

New Member

Please please please add this functionality. It is there on SharePoint (Create Project action) on SharePoint list to it can't be that hard to mimic this functionality on the Flow.

Regular Visitor

This will be so helpful