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Create a SharePoint Site Template that includes a Flow

Need to be able to create a SharePoint site template that has a Flow attached to a list or library. Many business processes involve creating a new SharePoint site each time e.g. a new contract is signed or a new project is launched. Need to be able to create a new SharePoint site from a custom Site Template so that the new SharePoint site automatically gets a standard set of lists, libraries and Flows.


The parameters that control the Flow -- specifically the URL of the SharePoint site or library -- have to be relative to the SharePoint site and not hard-coded into the template.

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I'm in the middle of a project for doing a business process template. It would be great to have Flows packaged with the site template and deployed automatically as long the site template is deployed. Because of that's not possible yet, I have to use again SharePoint Designer Workflows.

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Definitely need this option. When creating PMO's and other sites of this nature, we dynamically generate sites often. It is not efficient or practical to have to apply flows manually in these situations. This is a very important feature that is currently missing and makes collaboration and SharePoint dynamically created sites less functional.

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Right now the only way for us to manage site-creation automation is with a bunch of powershell code.   Having this function in Flow would enable us in IT to delegate responsiblity for site creation to a more appropriate group of stakeholders.



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Will need this option for sure. As PMO we need to spin up new sites when new projects are launched we will need to manually create Flows for each new site.


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Is there an update on this option?  I would like to include a workflow directly in a list and the related site template, just like what can be done with SP Designer currently.

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This option is realy important to project online customization, because we have self site creation that needs workflows for some lists on project site pages. Any update??

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This post might help

Have used Azure automation & PnP Powershell

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If Microsoft is going to remove SharePoint Workflow from O365, then we need this ability from Power Automate.

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SharePoint custom site template contains SharePoint designer workflows. Nowadays Microsoft has been retired Sharepoint designer workflows. Can anyone tell suggest to me an alternative to Sharepoint designer workflows which available with SharePoint custom site template in Power Automate?

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Anyone know if MSoft is putting this on their roadmap? We've completely overhauled our SP Online templates migrating them from classic to modern but are stick with SP Designer 2013 workflows since Power Automate flows can't be templatized currently.