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Create a SharePoint document library from Flow

I want to build a flow that everytime a new entry is created a matching document library is created, then copy a series of folders from a template library into the newly generated one.

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Exactly this, would be so useful to automate the setting up of project areas etc.

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Anybody has a solution on this? I would really love to see it!


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Is there any update on this?


This would make life so much easier!!!  Trying to manage my workflow for when I start a new deal.  Ideal way would be to start it by creating an opp in D365 and have that trigger a Secure Team in Teams with a Document Library within my O365 Group and that Document Library pre-populated with some standard documentation that I need for every deal I work.

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Very much needed solution so that end users can have libraries automatically created without having to go to the developer.