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Create a Team for Microsoft Teams

Hey all



It would be nice to have a Create a Team option in flow so if you have Team creation disabled, people can still ask via a PowerApp that they can fill in a request to make a team for them. And then via the flow the request will be sended to the admin he/she either accept or reject the request. If its accepted then automatically create a Team with the asked members etc in it.


Thats one scenario I see that would be useful to have this option.


Kind regards




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Plumsail just released a connector (SP Action) that will create a team site. It does not have as many options as @Anonymous has but I was unable to get his custom connector to work.


The description of Plumsail's action can be found


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@Berny I just tried the connector again and it worked. Can you please share the error message.



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I think the biggest issue is the instructions. I created 2 incidents on the GitHub repository with pictures of what I was running into.


I think the biggest issue I am running into is I don't know where or how to create the Azure AD App that you are expecting for the connector to work.



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We managed to get it working with the instructions given, but as with everything there were certain changes needed.  We have taken the excellent JSON provided and extended it with a Form and Flow to drive the creation to include approval routes.

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Glad to hear 🙂 What changes werer needed?

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I honestly don't remember.  I can ask the guys that did it and see if that know.  It wasn't much thats for sure. I suspect they were internal tweeks thats all.

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Yes, I want to create a new team on Microsoft Teams

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When you create the app in Azure AD, what should the sign-on url be? Also how do you get the group ID from within Flow or PowerApps?

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i'm searching nearly the same. But i would like to add some Things:


- Flow for Requesting a new Teams via a SharePoint List, or a Button.

- The users have to named their Team

- The Endusers have to classify them (the categories/variables can be defined in a pulldown).

- depending of the kategories is the name creation. We Need more than the one naming convention o365 already had.

- depending of the category the Team should be public or private, and had external Access or not.



We have organizational Teams, and there are internal ONLY (naming): DE-ORG-Marketing

on the other Hand Project Teams with External optional (naming): DE-PRJ-NewProject


Kind Regards, Thomas