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Create a Team for Microsoft Teams

Hey all



It would be nice to have a Create a Team option in flow so if you have Team creation disabled, people can still ask via a PowerApp that they can fill in a request to make a team for them. And then via the flow the request will be sended to the admin he/she either accept or reject the request. If its accepted then automatically create a Team with the asked members etc in it.


Thats one scenario I see that would be useful to have this option.


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Yes Yes Yes

Why can we create a channel and not a team. We need to create teams in Flow, please

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to fill the gap, I've publishd a declarative, no code custom connector to create a Microsoft Team via Flow on GitHub: 


Hope this helps!




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@cglessnerthanks very much for this.  It looks really good.  I will give it a test and let you know how it goes.  I think we will also try and extend it a bit to include some additional fields but this is a fantatsic start and has saved us a lot of pain.

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@typod thanks for the feedback. I've added the missing properties 🙂


create team.PNG

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superb, thanks very much!  This will really help us fill a gap with teams