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Create a archive file from files - File System

I want to create a archive file from files on my pc, and send a mail attached the file.

The archive file mean ZIP file.


Now, File System service can extract files from a archive file.

and I can extract files from archive file by Microsoft Flow.

So, I want to create a archive file from files by Microsoft Flow.


Example Actions:

1. Create a archive file

2. Add a file to archive file

3. Update a file in archive file

4. Remove a file from archive file

5. Set password to archive file






Yoshihiro Kawabata

Status: New
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Thank you @yoshihirok for sharing this idea! Hopefully, will see it soon alive. Fingers crossed Smiley Happy

New Member

Zipping a file in Microsoft Flow, and optionally protecting it with a password, would be a very welcome feature.

Community Champion

@yoshihirok The Encodian connector provides the 'Add to Archive (ZIP)' action which allows you to ZIP files -


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Would love to use this as a native feature. I want my company data to stay on Microsoft servers.

Community Champion

Hey @RH6 

All Encodian services are hosted 100% on Microsoft Azure PaaS... so the Encodian connector complies with your requirement.

Advocate I

Thanks @Jay-Encodian  - trying out the Encodian zip solution now.

Advocate I

Hi everyone, just letting you know that I'm successfully using the Encodian 'Add To Archive' connector with the free API account. Thanks for the tip @Jay-Encodian

Advocate V

Complementary to the current connectors allowing archive extraction, there really should be an option to turn one more files or folders in SharePoint or OneDrive, into an archive.

Why support something in one direction only?