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Create a archive file from files - File System

I want to create a archive file from files on my pc, and send a mail attached the file.

The archive file mean ZIP file.


Now, File System service can extract files from a archive file.

and I can extract files from archive file by Microsoft Flow.

So, I want to create a archive file from files by Microsoft Flow.


Example Actions:

1. Create a archive file

2. Add a file to archive file

3. Update a file in archive file

4. Remove a file from archive file

5. Set password to archive file






Yoshihiro Kawabata

Status: New
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Thank you @yoshihirok for sharing this idea! Hopefully, will see it soon alive. Fingers crossed Smiley Happy

New Member

Zipping a file in Microsoft Flow, and optionally protecting it with a password, would be a very welcome feature.

Community Champion

@yoshihirok The Encodian connector provides the 'Add to Archive (ZIP)' action which allows you to ZIP files -


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Would love to use this as a native feature. I want my company data to stay on Microsoft servers.

Community Champion

Hey @RH6 

All Encodian services are hosted 100% on Microsoft Azure... so the Encodian connector complies with your requirement.

Advocate I

Thanks @Jay-Encodian  - trying out the Encodian zip solution now.

Advocate I

Hi everyone, just letting you know that I'm successfully using the Encodian 'Add To Archive' connector with the free API account. Thanks for the tip @Jay-Encodian