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Create a dynamic content collapsed view rather than expanded

Can we please create a dynamic content collapsed view, rather than expanded?  When creating workflows with multiple actions it takes additional time to find the dynamic content you are looking for even with renaming the actions headers if they use similar dynamic content. For example,(attached) I have a large workflow that has 20 headers within the dynamic content and even when I try to narrow down my search by 'name' I still have over 13 headers to deal with (showing only sample size). I spend much of my time scrolling and hoping I didn't miss what I was looking for while scrolling.  Seems it would be easier to have all the headers in a collapsed view that can be expanded once you find the header you are looking for.  (It seems not the first to think this, please also reference Expand/Collapse all Actions button.) 

 Sample of a  large workflow Dynamic ContentSample of a large workflow Dynamic Content

Status: New