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Create a event with none-Reminder by action "Office 365 Outlook - create event"

I want to create a event with none-reminder to Office 365 calendar by Microsoft Flow.


None-reminder does not mean 0 min - reminder.

None-reminder mean without any reminder.


and Current "Office 365 Outlook - create event"'s reminder value require integer type,

which cannot set null for none-reminder


My scenario:

1.  When a new event is created on Office 365 calendar,

2. Create a event wih none-reminder on other tenant's Office 365 calendar for block the time.



Yoshihiro Kawabata 

Status: New
Level: Powered On

I just tried the "Is Reminder On" through several iterations on a test flow and it is not working as expected. So I have reached out to support to have them troubleshoot. I will let folks know what transpires from that exchange as I feel this property is the right one to fix this issue.


That said, I like @hboisvert's "hack" as well. 😀

Level: Powered On

Tried @hboisvert hack on my flow. As soon as the item was created, I got a notification of that item as it was made in Outlook client from Office 365.

Level: Power Up

I'm facing the same issue. I set the "Is reminder on" to false but unfortunately, all my events have 15 minutes reminder 😕 This is a pain as one of my objectives to automate is to get rid of many unnecessary reminders I have at the moment in my calendar.

Level: Powered On

It is annoying for flow owners to receive unwanted notifications. This bug should have been fixed by now.